[Editorial] Frustration Towards “Choi Sun-sil Gate” Ignites South Korea

So you probably heard how Korean citizens were determined to overthrow the president by gathering in front of the Blue House (1.4 million people gathered!)

At this point, the frustration among the citizens has risen to the maximum.

I’ve been following the media here and there (since I work at a broadcasting station especially), and came to a conclusion the politics today has proven how bad Democracy can fail.

However, Korea is turning into a country full of furious citizens, making it very chaotic. People do not think objectively when things get out of hand like this. As being a journalist myself, I must stay out of biased view and be able talk about this problem outside the box.

So here we have a chicken president (Park) who can’t deal with big matters herself, a stealthy mastermind (Choi) whose power is so great that major corporates in Korea had to bribe her unimaginable amount of money and connected governmental agents who were equally corrupted.

So the stack of firewood is present, but the fire didn’t have to spread so fast. The solemn anger existed way before the fire was lit and it worked like gasoline over the woods: It was the unsatisfied commoners.

I learned in my religion class in high school that people instinctively victimize themselves.


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