Jealousy: which age group gets more jealous?


Jealousy: which age group gets more jealous?

There has been a research in San Diego about who gets more jealous by age.

Thirty-year-old or below, people tend to get more jealous toward their friends’ attractiveness or success. The gender does not matter. No matter girl or boy, they tend to get jealous toward their peers.

The research was surveyed by 900 people between ages from 18 to 80 if they felt jealous. About three quarters of these people felt jealous. Women felt jealous a little more often (79.4%) compared to men (74.1%)

However, frequency of jealousy decreased as people aged. Thirty-year-old or younger said they got jealous 80% and 50-year-old or older said they felt jealous 69% last year.

Younger age group felt jealous about relationships, academic success and social success. Forty percent of Thirty-year-old or younger group felt jealous about friends who were successful in their relationships. Sadly, it was 15 percent for 50-year-old or higher.

It is really difficult not to get jealous. It’s important to deem ourselves successful, stop comparing and move forward with life. Isn’t that a way to be happy?


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