5 useful knowledge for your living


Image CC Search: http://www.soft9000.com/blog9000/index.php?m=10&y=13&entry=entry131007-071053

  1. If you got stomachache after eating meat – You will get much better if you eat some pineapples. Pineapple has substances for making meat tender.
  2. If you have a pain in your neck – Push down the lump blow your ears, it will make your neck more relaxed and easier to move.
  3. If you have hick ups – Take a spoonful of sugar and let it melt in your tongue slowly, it will stop hick-ups.
  4. If you have used up batteries – Try hammering the sides of the battery four to five times. Some of the battery life will come back.
  5. If you have left over chips – To keep it from getting soggy, try putting a box sugar in it, the sugar will absorb the hydrate.

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