Top 4 worst habits dentists would never do


Other than not brushing your teeth frequently, let’s see what dentists try to avoid for their dental health!

  • Biting/gnawing ice = Some people gnaws ice when they are on a diet, but want to chew something. However, sometimes a tooth can break when you’re trying to chew ice. Columbia University’s Jonathan Schwartz says teeth are made out of hard materials but they are not built to chew ice repeatedly.
  • Drinking out of water bottles only = There are a lot of argument about the safety of drinking tab water with fluorine and drinking purchased water out of bottles. New York’s dental expert says water with fluorine (tab water) actually prevents teeth to decay
  • Consuming sports drinks = Sports drinks have chemical additives like carbohydrates and acid, therefore making good atmosphere for harmful bacterias.
  • Using teeth as a tool = I do this a lot because sometimes, I need to use my jaw to rip a potato chip bag and what not. It could cause crack in your teeth as well as destroying balance of your jaw placement. It includes biting your nails, pens or straws.

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