Chang-Guk Moon’s resignation: The fight over the truth continues

SEOUL, Korea – Prime Minister candidate, Chang-Guk Moon, declared his resignation at the press conference this Tuesday.

The resignation can be traced back to June 11th when KBS News 9 reported a piece of Moon’s speech.

“The Japanese colonial activity, as well as the division of Korea, are God’s divine will.” Moon said at the Onnuri Church lecture in 2011.

The Korean citizens were enraged. Moon received 90 civil complaints after his lecture went on the air. However, at the press conference for his resignation, Moon did not admit his omission. Rather, he accused KBS News 9 for omitting other parts of the lecture, distorting the actual goal of the speech.

“The core of journalism is not fact-reporting, but truth-reporting.” Moon said as he resigned.

“KBS invisibly distorted the way of reporting the lecture as a whole. As a result, Moon received 90 civil complaints.” An advocate from Broadcasting Council Association said. “We are planning to review the situation along with the civil complaints.”

**Reporter’s opinion

Today, the readers constitute the journalism as a whole mainly through social media. If it turns out that the reporter from the KBS News 9 really distorted the “truth,” or reported partially, then the reporter should not continue to pursuit his career. This is the time when the readers must be skeptical about what’s on the news rather than just follow.

We, the journalists, are the watchdogs of our country. We shouldn’t go biting anyone who howls at us.


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